Once you have found what you are looking for in the fnd list, use the rocker pad to select the item and press the ENTR button. Please share your experience. The 60CSx is nearing the end of production, but at the time of writing is still available. I have to agree with most people. But that comes at a price, as I found it draining the batteries significantl y faster.

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The central problem is that the documentation describes the device from the perspective of an engineer – from capacities and features outward to processes and function s. Then you will have the option of searching nearby services, food, etc. I’ve owned this unit for several years and I love… February 18, Absaroka 28 reviewer rep Rating: Answers Answers and Comments.

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Review –

Helinox Ground Chair Review. The receiver really is extremely sensitive. We always get a lock with it, even in buildings. Waterproof, tough, easy to use with gloves.

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Handheld

Clip the GPS to your pack and leave it to do what it does best: Unscientific tests under challenging conditions gave similar results for the 60CSx compared with the Oregon and Colorado. There are some features that this unit has that the Explorist does not, but with the things that they have in common, this is the better unit but you have to pay for it. Of the Garmin high-end mapping GPS units it has the edge for screen visibility in bright light. The Oregon screen has the brightest backlight of the three units, as you can see in the photo below, making it the easiest to read in conditions where the backlight is significant.


If you can live with the prospect that there will probably never be any further Topo update to the cartography for this unit, and If OS mapping is not important for you. The device is controlled using a rocker button to indicate direction and 8 function buttons. This… December 13, Beaux Pilgrim guest Rating: The 60CSx screen is quite sensitive to viewing angle. About 15 pages in total.

Navigating the menus and typing on the on-screen keyboard is non-trivially difficult. Text entry is servicable, if a little cumbersome.

This is one of many GPS units I own and by far my favorite.

Not ideal in freeway traffic, but I’ve already devoted too much time to this feature. However, in sunlight and bright overcast, the readability is reversed – the 60CSx is the easiest to see, and the Oregon the least. It’s there if you want it, but don’t buy this unit based that feature. Get answers in the gear selection forum. I found myself cursing it daily. The Trip screen shows comprehensive information on your position and travels. I could never get a satellite connection inside my house or my office, but I could get one with the Garmin unit no problem.


I remember having to constantly “scroll around” to get an idea of where I was with my Vista.

An Introduction to Geocaching. If you have the extra money this is the better buy, if you are not able to come up with the extra dollars the Explorist is still a good selection.

Garmin GPSMap 60CSx Reviews – Trailspace

How often will you really need to change the polling interval or the routing strategy or the time zone while you’re busy surviving on the trail? This unit shines in the chip set and antenna area. While mxp review doesn’t touch upon the validity of such a strategy, I did think it worth mentioning.

The current 64st has some cool new features such as imagery and GLONAS, but barely enough to see me using it in place of my old 60csx. I’ve been trying to download maps on it and here’s what I’ve done so far:.