The computation set forth in Block C is reperformed for each of the remaining scheduled microingredients. Universal brackets connect to the back At Block Q the processor buffers the computed net weight of the microingredient. Intelligent system and process for automated monitoring of microingredient inventory used in the manufacture of medicated feed rations. This color-coding scheme minimizes the risk of re filling the dispensing bins and dispensing tanks with incorrect types of microingredients. The new high quality MLAS is an adjustable type wall mount bracket for most 10″-Inch 24″ displays.

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For purposes of illustration, the apparatus of the present invention is realized in the form of a novel computer-controlled microingredient dispensing, mixing and inventory accounting system 1, shown in FIGS. As schematically illustrated in FIG. The programmable microingredient dispensing and mixing system of claim 1, wherein said first weight measuring means comprises a weigh frame operably connected to a plurality of load cells mounted within said housing, and wherein said each said dispensing bin is independently supported from a support.

This causes shaft 82E to retract inwardly, away from projection 79E on cylindrical plate 69A, thereby permitting support shaft 58 E to rotate clock-wise. This routine is executed by the processor of the main computer system whenever the system has been initialized by, for example, supplying power to the system. Apparatuses for dispensing materials volumetrically and gravimetrically based on a stored formula and methods of dispensing formulas using the same.

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Typically, all units of microingredients in the received shipment have one or more bar code symbols 10 affixed to its packaging, typically at its place of manufacture. The main computer system responds to this request by entering a mode of operation described by the control flow process of FIG. Memory management method and apparatus for automated biological reaction monigor.

Harvat Houghton, Bradford Law Firm contact info. The manner in which these supplements are mixed together and added to a consumptive monigor carrier such as water is disclosed in great detail in U.


Stores are responsible for providing Bizrate with correct and current prices. In the illustrative embodiment, the auxiliary computer has suitable interface circuitry within its housing in order to interconnect with an portable bar code symbol reader 9 capable of reading self-clocking type bar code symbols 10 affixed to packages 11 of microingredients.

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An even further object of the present invention is to provide a novel method for logging-in and managing an inventory of microingredient packages using a computer-based microingredient inventory management system. For example, this request can be made by physically interfacing the auxiliary computer system with the main computer system, and then issuing the request to the main computer system through the auxiliary computer. This computed measure is computed using the following formula:.

Notably, suspension holes 54 B and 55B are located along an imaginary axis that passes through the centers thereof, and which is co-parallel with rotatable support shaft 58B from which dispensing bin 36B is ultimately suspended.

As shown, the frame portion of the illustrative embodiment is constructed from tubular members 25A to 25Z welded together in a conventional manner. In addition, the subcomponents of these shaft rotating units are also indexed by AB, CD or DE to indicate the dispensing bins with which they are associated. Method and apparatus for administering micro-ingredient feed additives to animal feed rations.

These and other objects of invention will become apparent hereinafter and in the claims to invention. On the inside of support members 25Y and 25ZA, a first gear mechanism 89A is mounted onto the end of support shaft 58A, and a second gear jonitor 89B is mounted onto the end of support shaft 58B. With microingredient stored on the storage scales and in scheduled dispensing bins and tanks, the system is prepared to produce a micro-batch when the system control process enters Block B in FIG.

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Preferably, this file is created by the auxiliary computer system during a calibration procedure conducted from time to time as required, to ensure weight measurement accuracy, and is then transmitted to the main computer system for use during the continuous accounting process of the present invention.


As most animal feed supplements include pharmaceutical substances, the production of these “medicated feeds” are subject to the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration FDA21 CFR Ch. Using this printed bar code menu, the microingredient code and scale assignments can be entered into the created System Configuration File by simply reading the bar code symbols corresponding to the “microingredient code and scale assignments”, while running the graphics-based program supporting this automated data-entry process.

Accordingly, the main computer system is provided access to a file called Gross Weight-Correction Values File not shown. The provision of this dispensing bin guide mechanism substantially fixes the horizontal movement of the dispensing outlet 43B of dispensing bin 36B, while the dispensing bin is permitted to freely move along a fixed vertical axis as its elevation mechanism 40B lowers support flanges 51B and 52B onto the dispensing-bin weigh frame.

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At Block H, the processor computes the net weight of microingredient in the dispensing bin by subtracting the tare weight of the dispensing bin from the measured gross weight. As best shown in FIG.

The reflected light from the scanned bar code symbol is detected by the bar code reader and converted into an electrical signal. Then the processor initializes variable p by setting it to 1 i. Mounted to the upper portion of side support panel 16A is a plate 18 for supporting a bar code symbol 19 uniquely assigned to the platform storage scale by the main computer system.