You will get use to whatever you’re using. Open and PGA Championship in Tom, I just bought a Taylormade R15 driver partly because it has the highest swing weight I could find. Then measure the swingweight of the two irons and use that as a guide for the others. My father in laws old sand wedge is weighted at F5. But it is very true that an off center hit with a muscleback blade is going to create far more of a sensation of vibration of the head at impact than a cavity back.

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Ping will NOT change the swing weight, they say, as they now will only adjust swing weight on their CTP-adjustable irons. With the final days of upon us, here is a look at 10 of the biggest newsmakers of the year.

Swing-Weighting | The DIY Golfer

With these new shafts they were in the C8 to C9 range. I think your comment that the shaft is the major determinant of the total weight is clearer than your earlier comment that the shaft is the biggest contributor to the total weight.

So my next experiment is to put the staffs in the bag and play a few rounds. The Golden Age architects were already thinking about this stuff when they designed their courses.

Videos 1 week ago. Yes for sure, but do realize that a difference of only 14g in the shaft weight would end up being only a 10g drop int he total weight once you added the extra weight to the head to get the swingweight up to D4.

Having had the opportunity to peek at an advanced copy, I can say the book is completely fascinating.


Your email address will not be published. Daniel August 30, The 3 swingwejght is standard length and has a swing weight of D3, but my new driver is Most every golf company makes one set of tooling dies to make the heads ifeal their iron sets.

In the history of golf equipment, there has always been a realization that all the clubs in a set should somehow be built so that they all should somehow FEEL THE SAME when we swing each different club.

Assuming your shaft if fit close to right flex. I’m currently at sw and I don’t understand why I thought at some point that sw was high. You might just want to try to slide a 52 gram grip back on to see if that on its own brings the performance back.

Randy February 11, When this happens, the good club fitters know that they need to test the golfer with a different weight shaft and go through the head weight fitting process all over again. If there are any faults to this method, will you please point them out to me and explain?

Hi Tom, Good to know that somebody knows this stuff properly.

It would only swingweightt ten golfers putting their MOI matched clubs on a swingweight scale and wondering negatively why all the clubs are different swingweights before an OEM would toss in the towel and go back to swingweight. Is lead tape the answer?

How big a deal is swingweight?

Also, the head feels a lot heavier than my driver Ping G. Hope this helps and again, thanks so much for coming to the site with your curiosity to know more, TOM. Tom Wishon August 30, I belive in the math but if I want to find out how good of a job I have done I would like to go to a club fitter who does MOI matching, however, no one seems to advertise it. A 1 point increase in swing-weight points would be the equivalent of going from D1 to D2, while a 1 point decrease in swing-weight points would be the equivalent of going from D2-D1.


Wishon: What swing weight should your clubs be?

Tom Wishon January 16, To get a sense of what I mean, try the following: But if a golfer has a different combination of swing force, swing tempo, swing rhythm, swing timing and personal sense of feel, then the C8 swingweight could result in a loss of distance and loss of swing consistency.

It is not quite as simple as just saying to add weight to put the swingweight back where it was before the length cut.

For someone who has spent most of his entire career in fitting research and writing to share what Wwingweight have learned, for the big dor companies to say they custom fit is completely misleading. I realize that not everybody fits into the same boat, and that there are exceptions to every rule, but it would still be interesting to hear your well-informed opinion on such matters as far as what the findings are in general for the majority of golfers.

Higher clubhead speed alone is not usually enough to say that a golfer should increase his swingweight.