Make sure the cable is unplugged! Other chip versions may not be; Check their datasheets. Depending on the value in the eeprom, the chip will request either ma or ma. I did a quick probe to confirms this, then attempted to solder the green wire to the via. In reality, when I look at the bottom of the board it does not appear as such. Take another look at the schematic. I have no idea how you can figure out if your RxD pin is 5V tolerant.

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Nokia Dku-5 Serial Cable – mattersapp

This connectivity cable lets you transfer data to or from your PC. Other chip versions may not be; Check their datasheets. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

Victor March 15, at 2: These cables vary a good bit. So it sounds like you already have 5V brought out to the end of your cable. As the TV uses 3. In other words, this is how I see a possible way out of this dead end situation please correct me if I’m wrong: You should double check your work because the wires are very thin and the pins are small and close together.


Strip the wires which correspond to pins 6, 7 and 8. Unplug the USB cable.

What version of pc suite supports a dku-5 usb cable ?

Hi again, The CA cable has some problems. This means the maximum current your circuits should draw is mA minus the current required by your cables circuitry.

I will request you to please fast scan the following thread and help us the David forum community. If you get it to work, write back dkj let us know!

Connect wires 5 and 8 to your multimeter and see if it shows 5V. Attach the black cable to the wire which corresponds pin 8 GND. Victor March 14, at 8: I got mine from a local store.

In addition it can be confusing to know what hole to connect to as there are two very similar ones on the back of the ES models. Tell us about your experience with our site. Outside of the blue layer I had to use clippers to get it outthere was a black layer also.

Nokia pop-port LIKE-DKU-5 or CA cable schematic pinout and wiring @

Plug acble the USB connector. Also, please note that Prolific PL based serial converters are notorious for having and creating problems, including finding appropriate drivers. However, I can almost guarantee your colors will be different so you must perform the steps described above.


In what words should I describe it when fku a Google search? In reply to manta’s post on March 24, After you connect the cable to the Arduino you no longer need to use Hyperterminal.

It appears you put the magical color changing reset capacitor directly on the cable. From a OpenWrt Forum https: Please post back with your results. Switched on everything again, then make the Cavle connection.

Nokia pop-port LIKE-DKU-5 or CA-42 cable schematic pinout

Repeat the previous steps cagle the pin 7 wire RxD. The first thing you have to do is go to […]. For the PLHX rev.