First thing that happened was the plug on the AC adapter came apart, the wire was weak and worn out and the plug was pretty much dangling. May 17th, 3. The laptop is working again. Thanks for your help. I opened the notebook according to the directions above and checked for the connector but it seemed fine. We think it may have left a piece inside the power adapter jack.

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I was afraid that by simply pressing cmpaq hard would cause something to break. I tried to plug the vga output to an external monitor but nothing happened, still no video, I tried to reset bios, I took out the battery of bios and leave it unplugged around 16 hours I took the main battery also but nothing happens still the same result. My F will not power on. How do we get to the copmaq to replace it?

Instead of replacing just the DC jack which requires soldering I prseario replacing the entire DC jack board. Any suggestions for next step?

Any and all help will be appreciated.

If that might be so, what would I be looking for when I disassembled it? Have reseated the LCD connection to motherboard several times with no results.


Try reconnecting memory modules. Is there anything that I can do to save it, is it worth saving, or do I just shoot-drop-burn it? Any suggestions where I might get a good deal on a motherboard that would work right out of the box would be appreciated.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F – Inside my laptop

So far all is well. Any suggestions sure would be appreciated. I have checked the voltage output of power supply and it is You told me to check the video cable conection and its ok. Before 5f57us buy a new one i was hoping to try and see if i can display image on television using the s video cord without the laptop screen hooked up.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F700

Running the recovery disc will reinstall wirelesw back to factory defaults. Someone gave me a F after replacing the motherboard and from what I can see, this wire is missing.

Any suggestions as to what could be the cause, and if its worth taking it apart right down to the motherboard? Hope this should work on Compaq too. HP people says maximum suport is 2GB.

Lift up and remove the display panel assembly. It worked quite fine for nearly two years but now there is a problem with the screen. Any ideas what I can do?


I am having the identical problem with the Compaq presario F as described by Josh and Jamal. It depends on the model. Not f557ks if your laptop is one of those.

This cable is plugged into connectors on the motherboard on both ends. Use the recovery disc or run the recovery process from the wiireless partition on the hard drive. Ok thanks When I bought Laptop it had Vista on it and now i think of it now i do hear from the hard drive,noises… also i know i need to put new thermal paste on the cpu also.

I dropped my laptop and broke the screen. Do you have any advice for me? Being on disability its hard to just buy another. It means the whole motherboard has to be replaced.