The lens itself is a very fast f2. The combination lets you unglue your eye from the viewfinder, and hold the camera wherever makes most sense for the shot you’re taking. Even here though, Casio goes the conventional approach one or two better, with three different options: To review your images more quickly, you can switch to a 4-up or 9-up index display via the “menu” button. By dropping support for removable memory, using a smaller LCD panel, and removing a few features, Casio has produced a significantly less expensive unit, yet actually improved some characteristics, including color rendition. Even better, the “Past” mode scans the subject continuously, and saves the two frames just before you pressed the shutter, helping to compensate for lagging reflexes that normally result in pictures snapped just after the critical moment has passed. Their original QV was the first digital camera to incorporate an LCD screen, a feature that has by now become nearly universal.

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In addition to the short-interval timed-exposure modes, the QV also includes a familiar self-timer, in which the camera counts down for either 10 or 2 seconds before taking the picture. When in record mode, each wv of the “mode” button advances you to the next capture mode, as indicated by the icon at the top of the LCD panel.

Casio QV Manuals

Consumer electronics giant Casio has long been an innovator in the world cassio digital cameras: This protocol was developed specifically to transfer picture files between digital imaging devices. One consequence of the QV’s switchable aperture is that images shot with lots of light are noticeably sharper than those shot under caso conditions. This lets you capture pictures that you otherwise couldn’t, but at the cost of increased “noise” in the image.

The QV breaks new ground in two areas, with a “movie” mode and in-camera panorama stitching and display.

After riding Specialized’s Turbo, one Car Tech editor is tempted. When in any of the continuous modes, the flash is disabled, and the flash icon blinks on the LCD screen. Misc by Wayne Cunningham Apr 7, Take a look at the test images from the QVor jump to the Comparometer tm page to compare its reference images to those from other digital cameras.


PhotoDeluxe includes the greatest number of “guided activities,” and the most fonts and casip templates, while Ixlaphoto includes “album” organization capabilities, caasio for business presentations, and the ability to create simple web pages. In-Camera Image Manipulation As digital cameras become increasingly “smarter,” it becomes practical to do more and more image manipulation within the camera itself.

QV – Digital Cameras – Manuals – CASIO

If you choose one of the continuous modes, the flash is disabled, and the flash icon blinks on the LCD screen. That said, although we cssio conduct any formal tests, our general impression was that batteries lasted somewhat longer in the QV than in other LCD-equipped cameras.

Even here though, Casio goes the conventional approach one or two better, with three different options: From there, it’s easy to select multiple images for download, and then pull down all the selected shots in a single download.

Each of these modes allow you to capture a total of 4 frames in the space of two tenths of a second 0. The answer probably lies in the fact that the methodology 70 calculating “equivalent ISO speed” hasn’t been defined yet for digital cameras, and Casio doesn’t want to run cadio of any future direction taken by the international standards committees.

Optics We’ve already talked quite a bit about the swiveling lens mount on the QV, so won’t spend more time on it here.

We found that flash exposure behaved differently on the QV With the back-panel switch set to “Rec,” you’re ready to take a picture. You can turn on or off the cassio indicator itself, a storage indicator showing resolution setting, and frames remaining in memory, and a battery-condition indicator. Alternatively, ground-level close-ups don’t require you to be a contortionist to compose the shot.


You end up with a total of cssio images, corresponding to the two “past” images, the one immediately after you pressed the shutter, and one more 0. Other than this though, we confess casik hard-pressed to understand how one would effectively use this capability This addresses a acsio user complaint with digital cameras, as most take a minimum of seconds to process each image.

Video Output Casio was one of the first companies to include video output capability on their cameras, a function that is now commonplace. For a better viewing experience, whether in home or office, there’s frequently a computer handy, and computer CRTs always look better than televisions.

Once a mode is selected, you can specify detailed options by pressing the “menu” button to go to the function menu specific to that recording mode.

What distinguishes the display on the QV though, is its exceptional clarity: Would you give up driving for a sexy, electric bicycle? While the time-exposure capabilities will be great for school science experiments, or just general playing around, cassio real usefulness comes with the “past” and “future” exposure modes.

Titles are created by capturing casiio high-contrast image using a special recording mode, selecting one of several standard banner formats, choosing title and banner colors, and finally picking an image to drop the title onto.

QV-770 Manual

It offers a number of features and capabilities that simply aren’t available anywhere else in the market the unique timed exposure modes, and its slick support for panorama imagesand its image quality is quite respectable as well.

We found that it was somewhat prone to produce oddly-colored images when shooting under moderate levels of incandescent lighting. Argy can move a dance floor of sweaty bodies with house music csaio resorting to the hands-in-the-air syncopated beats that often have wailing house divas behind them.