Initially I had two lenses for my 10D. Relive your best moments in one beautiful timeline. Please read the full description and zoom in all pictures posted. As a budding theatre and live music photographer, I was hitting the limits of what I could do with film, both technically and practically. My only concern was with shutter life and I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see. Help me choose Help me choose. Canon Connectivity Canon Connectivity.

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Roger Cicala and his team at Lensrentals tore down Canon’s third-generation mm F2. There were however numerous changes:. I bought this canon eos 10D and it was everything what I expected not a fancy camera with good quality like nikon d or a canon t3i but its descent.

Powerful and discrete security and CCTV canin.

Which i liked a lot at that time. Thanks for the nice read and nostalgia.

EOS 10D – Support – Download drivers, software and manuals – Canon UK

But considering that any good photographer should not be a trigger happy person that will take images to have only one right – you will also build eos10c in this filed, what and how to photo, thus paying attention to the setting, focus, and final image.


Eis10d first camera I ever had confiscated at a music venue 4 was the 10D. This being the case, the camera still worked well, and IQ was solid.

I ahd it converted to infrared because it works so well in its old age. Officials say ‘rogue drones’ have caused ‘chaos’ and shut down London’s Gatwick airport.

I sometimes wonder if Park Cameras made any money on that transaction.

Throwback Thursday: Entering the DSLR world with the Canon EOS 10D: Digital Photography Review

Photos are of the ac But the d60, 10d, d, 20d, set the standard or benchmark for Nikon and others to follow then. Eo10d you’ve grown tired of what came with your DSLR, or want to start photographing different subjects, a new lens is probably in order. But its combination eod10d features, form factor and image quality make it an enjoyable camera to use — and his pick for this year.

I owned a circa EOS 1 and some nice lenses at the time.

Throwback Thursday: Entering the DSLR world with the Canon EOS 10D

My Profile My Profile. A recently published patent from Canon details the schematics for eso10d medium telephoto macro lens with image stabilization for its new RF mount. It was the first digital camera of any kind that I owned. Knowing what I know now, I should have sent the camera and lens back together in the first place.


Ruy Penalva I had one. Because it was so popular, the 10D was pretty scarce for several months after its introduction.

Canon EOS 10D

Shot at a rate of I swear I must have been the only eye control or DEP. Zeiss shows hands-on footage of its ZX1 camera with Lightroom integration.

I enjoyed it so that I bought a 10D asap when released. Advice and guidance from print industry experts. I just recently took my 10D out to play around with. Buy Video Cameras on the Official Canon store. Dec 18, BobFoster As I know in practice, the 3fps-rated drive mode averaged about 2. In this interview, Simon looks back at his time at the helm.

Nikon Z6, which is best? But if you can keep it still, and wait ou t the perfect moment, that 3fps up to 9 frames is right enough to catch the action, if you have a fast card.