It provided the stiffness he needed for straighter drives, but offered a smoother feel Note: This driver is stealth — all the tech is hidden except for a single visible weight in the heel — so if you like a wow factor or bling in your bag this might not be your cup of tea, but Bridgestone is working to raise its profile in the United States. Steve 7 years ago. Steve Mackenzie 7 years ago. A PayPal account is not required in order to donate.

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Jack Nicklaus is teeing it with his grandson, G.

ULTIMATE REVIEW – Bridgestone J40 445CC Driver

Hell Yes, it did. Steve 7 years ago. At first, it looked as though George might post a ridiculous distance gain with a TaylorMade M1 I also want to address the weaknesses of the G drivers.

I just started golfing this summer and am very much a novice. I think that is why we do not hear much about their sticks and what they change design with little frequency…ie TM evolving several times a year.


I am not a fan of the large head drivers. Dec 18, 40 Comments. I use j38 DPC irons. Of course, when we drop our shortest hitter from the equation, that average distance increases to a staggering It is more round and deep of a ping sound. I appreciate the dedication to pursuing the very best in quality materials, the designs are simple and conventional,yet, very appealing to the eye, and have excellent feel!

I have always had interest in Bridgestone club offerings but have never had the opportunity.

The two changes had George hitting high-launching, low-spinning bombs that barely had any curvature. You guys are the leaders by far. In days i will be set for awhile with the following: The project x shafts are not the shaft for bridgestone go with kbs. Bridgestone Golf Club J40 So now when his drives hit the fairway, they will keep rolling.

Bridgestone J40 445 Driver

Best driver I have ever hit, but it sounds 44 Bridgestone has made some improvements, and it might be time to upgrade. Winning an amazing driver would fit in perfectly with this cheap model, while simultaneously making me a very happy man for a long, long time.


Have played Bridgstone balls when I find them. Tider 7 years ago. Mike Oakley 3 years ago. J40 Driver Head Cover – click to zoom.

Bridgestone J40 Driver | eBay

Golfspy Dave 7 years ago. I am one of the old school Bridgestone guys, I guess.

This data serves as the foundation for our final performance score. Yes, you read that right… Days! Bridgestone Golf Club J40 9. I live in the Chicago area and these things are scarse even here!

The upside of this fact is that the driver is workable. You can tell the ball explodes off from the clubhead like fully compressed spring.

But the downside is that you can also sidespin this driver unintentionally.