Integrated public key processor second? The driver is still considered experimental. You won’t be able to extrapolate this information from other benchmarks. Reduces processing CPU for high-performance security? Support for the bit key AES at Mbps provides much stronger IP security at a mid-range performance point, which is required by embedded firewalls, VPN appliances, VPN-enabled routers and access devices used for securing confidential e-Commerce transactions and data transfers over the Internet. An example about how to communicate with the crypto chip can be found here file bips. Scalable to 1 Gbps of IPsec processing?

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Concurrent public-key and bulk payload processing minimizes latency and improves system performance dramatically. Table of Contents Cryptographic Hardware Accelerators.

Concurrent public-key and symmetric key processing?

Able to scale to 1 Gbps with multiple devices, the BCM addresses a very broad range of performance points. This provides significant cost and time-to-market savings to manufacturers. The kernel will export the one with the highest priority for each algorithm. You would set up a sshfs.


There are patches for Openswan as well.

man page for ubsec (all section 4)

Read our Privacy policy. Might be worth checking Solaris references as well. Integration reduces footprint and power consumption for embedded applications? Just make sure you’re using the same algorithm made available by your crypto driver. Broadcom’s development kit includes a reference design and a cryptographic software library, supporting BSD, Linux, and VxWorks.

AES support provides latest algorithm support and protects against obsolescence? Only OCF-enabled applications can be accelerated. Reduces processing CPU for high-performance security? Finding out what’s available in the Kernel. Irvine, CA — press release excerpt — Broadcom Corp.

Cryptographic Hardware Accelerators

CC Attribution-Share Alike 4. Because you will not be able to extrapolate this information from specifications you find on this page or on the web. Furthermore, performance of the BCM can easily be scaled to increase both IPsec and public-key processing performance. You probably want enough performance, that you can use your entire bandwidth.

All other trademarks are the property of lknux respective owners. Scalability enables high-end architectures?


This must not be combined with cryptodev-linux. Links to mailing-list posts with references to more recent and working version of Linux driver for Broadcom crypto chips here and here. Notice in this case, that are two drivers offering cbc aes: Two BCMs provide up to 1 Gbps performance? The driver is still considered experimental.

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Sidebar Welcome to the OpenWrt Project. Box Irvine, California ? If you want to learn about the current situation, you should search the Internet or maybe ask in the forum. Various versions of old BCM driver sources.

IPSec encryption and single pass authentication. Unlimited security association SA support via system memory and a multi-threaded DMA engine utilizes system memory to maximize throughput in real-world applications.