The ancient Priapus cult is mentioned in no. Berger, The Palace of the Sun: The entries discussing political theory and history are for the most part aphorisms or succinct anecdotes with an emblematic significance. Thus, the enigmatic expression Tineae velvae tustas Note the identical strategies in word divison in nos 15 fol.

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Johan van Someren, elect; Willem van Someren, city councillor; Spiering no. It’s a bad line http: Ezra 2 gives an inventory of the Jews returning to Judea, grouped by family. This would be unfair. The five senses or five religions Touch is for Menno, as the Mennonites fondle breasts and sit naked in barrels, in order to put their steadfastness to the test.

The people created in the first event he called the prae-adamitae and they were the ancestors of the indigenous people of the newly discovered parts of the world. If all men are born of the first Adam, of whom then are born the blacks, the browns, the reds, the whites and, indeed, the people of so many different colours in distant and hot regions? To conclude, the definitive identity of our author might forever elude us, but there is enough scope for further research and ample opportunity to get a sharper image of the libertinage that was fermenting under the surface in Utrecht in the decades after the Year of Disaster.

Hispo subit juvenes et morbo pallet utroque Sober I will not be able to see the break of day. These filings do not reflect more recent buying or selling activity by a fund.


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Digiti, Pectus, Venter, Dorsum etc. Comet, the overthrower of kingdoms, blushed deadly — Silius Italicus, book 8. The sequence of the topics suggests that, as he worked on one entry, it called up associations prompting him to record the next.

Bevington, eds, Manchester,act 3, p.

The governors of Leiden University were furious and reacted by removing him from his professorship, an affair which caused great consternation internationally.

The prophets in the Old Testament, so Spinoza says, did not prophesy from the divine spirit but from their own; some were of a more lively and elevated battlehear and told fables to the masses, but some were melancholics and they prophesied like other impostors.

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In Nehemia 7 the list from Ezra is explicitly inserted. It connects philosophy, literature and history with the very concrete and local battoegear of students, regents and intellectuals in Utrecht.

According to the Van der Spijcks, a physician L. Ex hubert quando Buat decapitaretur, de Wit proposuit ordinibus van sich te versekeren van het Cabinet van de prins en dat wert hem geweygert, dice- bat de Wit dat men de heele handel van Oran- 5 jen sou weten, en sich met een van hem decer- cheren kost The rest, which was added by Joshua and others, was written and invented by the Jews. Another entry, however, no.

Perhaps terram here is a euphemism, or the text may be corrupt. As for abbreviations, see e. And if there is no hope whatsoever left for reconciliation with battlegar tyrant, then they must depose the government, and establish another form of republic. Berger, The Palace of the Sun: Moses received his laws from the Egyptians and passed them on to the Jews as though he had received them from God.


He had keen interest in numismatics and literature and he wrote poems and plays.

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True is only that which secures the covenant made by the Israelites with God. He studied philosophy and theology in Leiden under the supervision of Jacobus Arminius — and Hebrew at Franeker University. There is also a theoretical aspect, viz.

Our author is also fascinated by the idea that Johan de Witt might have taken the Republic of Venice as a model for a new Dutch constitution nos 77, Pieter Anton Tiele — first worked gattlegear senior librarian in the Stedelijke Bibliotheek Municipal Library in Bbattlegear and as keeper of manuscripts at Leiden University. As justice has vanished altogether, and tyranny is clearly emerging, what counsel, oh God, is there in such a state?

All the time, Wirtz would say that religion had been introduced only to keep the rabble in fear and in check.