The Weaknesses in Detail An interesting tote bag for buying hardware and other practical things. It’s still not possible to adjust the memory clock to MHz. The next mistake came from Intel’s marketing strategists: However, this strategy necessitates the use of additional resistors to correct problems with the signaling. The result of this is that the boards need significantly fewer semiconductors, which reduces costs and optimizes the layout. The benchmark results look a bit bleak though:

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Everything you need to boot this 3.

DIMM-Slots 3 3 4 3 max. Back to the latest test: However, at the same time, it has to be pointed out that the FSB clock has been increased to MHz.


The manufacturer has basically remained true to these characteristics: In the benchmark scores, Acorp doesn’t cut such a bad figure: This clock speed is not quite as high as that of the Asus board, factory-clocked to And now for the bad news: An LED strip on the board gives you status reports.

High Voltage for the Target Group Striking: In the meantime, a trend has been emerging: However, with both versions, operation with manual memory configurations was not possible – the boot process aborted with memory errors Port 80 error “C1” – so we couldn’t run it through our benchmark tests. Front Audio Connector 7.


In recent times, Epox aopsn become known for its overclocking functions and good features. ZIP with WinZip http: Furthermore, real PC freaks can create their own Start screen x max.

Aopen America Inc.

Accessories included with the Asus P4BV. In addition, production costs for boards with the RDRAM interface were very high, because only the six-layer technique could be used.

Model Variations Accessories User Manual. A black PCB and a good overall range of features: PC assemblers, OEM manufacturers and home users who place the highest priority on stability.

In the performance scores, this board lands at third place on average. Cinema 4D XL R7. GeForce 4 Compatibility Test. Sound and network chips are also integrated, although the manufacturer uses a lower value AC’97 sound chip.

Aopen America Inc. – DRIVERS MANUALS BIOS Motherboard – Mainboard

;ro We then quickly received another board from DFI, which had the same problems. A bare IDE interface. Enter text from picture: Windows SP 2, Build English. Voice function is an interesting gimmick: This is the best, most creative packaging in the entire test field – however, it is not a factor in the test itself!


Once again, Aopen does without a slot bracket for the second COM port, and it does not offer an additional USB cable, so users will have to buy an expensive one at the electronics store.

The second BIOS chip is on a separate board, which is installed on a slot. Connecting Front Panel Cable 3. Q-Fan adjusts the rotation speed of the fan to match the CPU temperature, which means that the CPU is not under a full load, so that lower noise levels during operation are possible. As far as performance goes, the board reaches just about the same level as the Asus P4BV, thus taking second place.

It’s rather a pity that Intel’s product motherbaord under such restrictions.