Works perfect for me. I have the same problem. Thanks for the great work on this! Don’t do that here. You can then use the pads to trigger your custom sounds from Reason instruments. I’ll investigate next time I’m working on this. Sustain works as expected.

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Alternatively you may be able to map one or more rotary knobs to different controls such as filter envelope mpl Subtractor, for example by editing the. I don’t have Win7 handy so I can’t easily check.

Getting set up with Reason and MPK Mini : reasoners

Do you mean “directory”? When this is complete, the display will read. Hey there, I too own an MPK mini. I have the same problem. Hi Karl, It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at this – you’d probably do better than me just by trying it out yourself: Hard to tell, but make sure you’ve loaded one of the supplied presets into your Mini.

The steps described below can be followed for mapping nearly any parameter in Reason to any knob or fader on the MPK controller.

akai mpk mini reason 5 guide and preset – Future Producers forums

Jason Johnson Saturday, February 28, at Use the data dial to change the Type: I’ve loaded your presets and they seem to work great otherwise.


I can’t actually get it to open any of the presets that I downloaded from Akai’s website either. Unknown Wednesday, June 6, at 5: Click apply in the bottom right of the window. Hi depe, sorry to confuse you, I used the terms “profiles” and “presets” interchangeably.

My apologies if I missed it somewhere on 55 page. Good news – You can override the mapping and get all the knobs programmed, you just have to do it manually.


Im a bit confused on what the “Remote” directory is. Further Technical Support Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Akai Pro product, or zkai you just have pre-sales questions, the Akai Pro technical support team is available to help!

Is the original app still available for download?

Actually I’ll repost Recurse’s helpful comment here: Any help would be very appreciated. Log in or sign up in seconds. I think there may have been a change with the app and the file format has changed in a non-compatible way. In fact there doesn’t show up anything to indicate that the upload was wright.


Give it a go – it’s not too tricky: I did everything you said but the keyboard is not detected by reason If you don’t like this behaviour it was actually intentional as the MPK mini has no mod wheel then it’s a simple change.

I installed everything as mentioned here before.

AcidicSphere Thursday, March 7, at 4: Contact me at Buddhaphi at gmail. Immo Blaese Wednesday, January 7, at 7: Hi Robb, I don’t have any plans for any updates at the moment, but it’s pretty easy to modify the files I provide.

Also, I want to set Kong up where the pads are assignable to resaon drum sounds, but the mapping doesn’t appear to let me do that.

Also if you edit the file, make sure you don’t accidentally remove tabs or turn them into spaces. I’ll investigate next time I’m working on this.